Bear with me here people, I don’t know the answer, but this is what I need to do over the next 18 months in preparation for LEL2021 (London to Edinburgh, and back to London, in five days). Oh, and if you happen to be an awesome woman, who is also doing LEL2021, come join my Facebook group for training tips, motivation and accountability.

To set the scene, I have a beautiful Specialized Amira, that I love, and do not want to part with. I also can’t justify buying another bike, two feels like enough for someone who hasn’t been on a bike in over a year. (My other bike is a Bickerton folding bike). So I am trawling message boards, and asking everyone I meet who displays a slight interest in cycling, what I need to my my road bike, into an audax bike. I’ll be updating this with my findings as I go.


Whilst browsing the Audax UK Facebook group, I came across a post complaining about newbies turning up without mudguards. Which means they are then spraying the people behind them and themselves with whatever is on the road. This is then transferred into cafes and pubs used for the control stops.

I hadn’t really considered the social nature of mudguards before, and I definitely wouldn’t want to cause someone to have to clean up after me just because I didn’t have some. So whilst my bike is being serviced, some mudguards are also being fitted.

Still a bit worried about the mudguard issue though, as in trying to find the FB post again, I found a discussion about the length of mudguards, and that they should go almost to the road at the back to give the rider behind you full protection. Hmmm.