I’ve been to the minor injuries clinic at St Bart’s, I’ve had an x-ray, and now need to get myself some physio. It doesn’t look like I’ll be running anytime soon.

I am currently sad and angry about this. I didn’t think I’d miss running as much as I do, but when I suddenly don’t have the option to do it anymore, I am wishing I could get out there.

A couple of months ago I ran my first multi day ultra marathon, the Run101 Cotswold Way challenge. 100+ miles over four days. I both hated and loved it at the time, but I’m really not happy that it’s left me with a pain in my midfoot. Which, having not run for six weeks, I thought would be better, but “snapped” again just under a mile into my first run.

It’s not bone, and the nurse’s best guess is it’s something to do with one of my tibial tendons. So I need to get physio.

Never mind the faff of having to register with a GP when I’m sofa surfing at a mate’s house, I don’t like not knowing what is wrong, or how long it will take to fix. I’m naturally a very impatient person.

To help me keep my spirits up, I need to decide on something else to do, something that doesn’t involve me putting pressure on the ball of my foot. I’m currently coming up short, apart from swimming, but the absolute faff of washing my hair every other day is really putting me off.

What do you all do when you’re injured? Are there any activities you can recommend?