Friday, my last day of work with my current company.

It’s amazing a difference a year can make to your life. On the 2nd September last year, my ex and I parted ways for good, amongst blue flashing lights. I haven’t seen him in that year, and we’ve had minimal contact. Now the house we bought together is selling, and I’m leaving the job I didn’t want, but got to be closer to home and better support him.

Fast forward a year, and the 2nd of September this year sees me heading off to Madagascar, to volunteer with Frontier on a marine conservation program. Six weeks living in a basic camp, helping out with scientific dives, trekking in the mangroves, beach cleans, and cooking and cleaning around camp.


My friends and family have been so wonderfully supportive of this crazy idea. With several of them helping me out with the kit list, either lending or buying me things I didn’t have, which has helped massively with the cost. I  have also bought a lot of things from eBay, with the intention of putting them back on there when I get back.

Pack the Cat
Kingston doesn’t understand why she can’t come too, she likes fish


To complete my life adventure, I have also quit my job (I was given the opportunity to come back, but I don’t want to live up here anymore), am selling the house, moving in with two of my best friends, and start a new job the Monday after I get back.

Stress? What’s that?

All jokes aside, I am very stressed, but one of the few good things that came out of my relationship with my ex, is that my friends, family and I now talk about our mental health. Being able to say to someone, “I want to come out tonight, but I’m feeling overwhelmed” makes such a difference to me. And when I’ve asked for help, I’ve gotten it.

So, the next two days are seeing me frantically packing, moving the last bits over to my friends’, and trying to leave the house resembling something tidy. Whilst alternating between elation and tears.

Wish me luck! You can follow my adventures on Instagram @talierose666, if I get reception…


Oh, and I get back on the Tuesday, see my family, then fly up to Scotland on the Friday to take part in the Dramathon Half Marathon. I wonder what my fitness levels will be like after six weeks of zero running?