The Scottish Book Trust do a brilliant competition each month, that, as part of my “I must make better use of my commuting time” crusade, I am going to make sure I enter.

Each month, they post a theme or a picture, and you have to write a 50 word story using the provided inspiration.

Here’s the picture that was the February 2017 inspiration:

SBT Feb 17

And here’s my submission.

As she watched them floating away, the awareness she was on her own fully dawned upon her. There would never be anyone else.  

Wiping the tears from her cheeks she turned to face her new world. 

Slowly, a smile spread across her lips, she could do this. 

They have a link back to the winners’ stories each month (junior and adult categories) and they are just so good. I don’t write these stories with the hope that I will ever win, but because I really enjoy using my brain for something other than numbers.

This month’s inspiration is “Write a 50 word story set during a family meal”.

Here’s the link to enter, you know you want to………….