The first of my lifestyle blogs, how exciting!

And it’s still kind of fitness related……..

I have a ridiculous challenge coming up in a ridiculously small number of weeks, maybe six, I’m scared to look. A few years ago, my friend from uni, Becky, mentioned she wanted to cycle from coast to coast. Maybe take a few days doing it, stopping in local pubs every evening, definitely my sort of trip. So when she brought it up again a few months ago, I was in!

Here’s the first thing I should have done before saying “Hells yeah, where do I sign?”

Actually looking at the event she was talking about.

It’s called Coast To Coast, nice and descriptive, but here’s the bit she missed off, Coast To Coast IN A DAY. One day. All 150 miles of the road, and ferry, from Penrith, Cumbria to Seascale, Whitby.

One day.

Shared by James Thurlow (not sure if he created it)

What happened to stopping off at all the little pubs overnight? Instead I get to camp on a beach, get up with the sun, dip my bike wheel into the sea, and head off. Knowing that I’m not expected to finish until several hours after the sun has gone back down again.

As I have currently done no bike training for near on a year, I have bought myself a present. I can use the marathon excuse as to why I’ve been running at the weekend instead of biking, and I’m hoping some the of the marathon fitness will see me through, but I’m acutely aware that running and biking do not use the same leg muscles. Therefore, my new folding bike will be being used every day as a part of my commute to start getting my legs prepared. I can then use the weekends to head out on longer rides on my Black Beauty (yes, my bike has a name).

Bickerton Folded Bike

I pick it up on Friday, and am very excited. It’s a Bickerton 1707 Country 2016, if that means anything to any of you. It was £439, and with my Vitality life insurance, I get 50% cash back. So for the grand sum of £219.50, I get to add some miles on a bike to my day. And it’s red, and pretty. Ooh, I wonder what this one will be called.

Keep watching this space for a review on the bike, and my first experiences of riding in Central London. I’m already a bit scared.