Inspired by Sarah Williams and the Tough Girl Podcast, I am going to share my seven goals for 2017.Some people have done seventeen(!), but that feels like too many for me. I have a problem with setting myself unachievable goals, so seven is plenty.

Update 1 – 17th May

The first three are easy, I have three big fitness challenges I’m already signed up to do:

  1. Complete the London Marathon faster than last time, 6:23:23. I would love to get under five hours, but am trying to be realistic. I have a training plan aimed at this time, so if I follow it, there’s no reason I can’t. Just my own laziness.Tick! I completed in 06:03ish. Woo hoo! 
  2. Complete the Coast to Coast cycle ride. Mini goal: Go cycling! I haven’t got my bike out the garage since we moved two months ago. It will think I don’t love it anymore. – Bike is now out the garage. And a new bike has been bought for commuting. 
  3. Complete the Fugitive Half Iron Distance Triathlon. – Not even thinking about this yet. 

The next ones are to do with completing the top three, not sure if that’s cheating, but they’re necessary goals I need to achieve:

  1. Raise the fundraising necessary for my London Marathon place. Have a plan about how to do this, virtual race, work sponsorship, other events? – Still several hundred away from this, but my boss did say my company would buy me a place, so I just need to wait for him to be in a good mood. Then I can approach him and have hit my goal.
  2. STRETCH! Why do I find this so hard to do? My calves and achilles would be so much happier with me if I would just stretch after a run. I will do, at least, five minutes of stretching after each run. – Nope. So bad at this. No stretching at all, and now a problem with my knee. Will I never learn?

Hmmm, only two more, I’d like to include some goals that aren’t fitness related.

  1. Walk up Scafell Pike. I walked up Snowdon with my friends last year, and it was brilliant, I’d like to do another peak this year. I’ve mentioned it to my partner, and we’re booking a weekend away to do this. – Mentioned to my friends, and we’re now going camping to the Lake District in September. This will be one of our day trips. Hooray. 
  2. Start writing more regularly. We’ll start with at least one blog post a month. I guess this counts as January, so that’s 1/12 of my goal done. Woop. – Getting there. I’ve decided to use my commute to write, so although I haven’t posted every month, I am now paying a lot more attention to my writing. 

So that’s my seven goals for 2017. I’ve tried to keep them achievable, and measurable (good old SMART goals). And by writing them down here, I’m keeping myself accountable.

What are your goals for 2017?