Ok, so I think I am very late to this trend, but when I was offered a free jamberry sample to try and review, I, of course, said yes. (Who wouldn’t? Free stuff!)

Xmas nails
Christmas nail art

I know this is a fitness blog, but to be honest, after the disappointment of the London Marathon (yes, I finished. No, not well. There may be a blog about it if the disappointment numbs enough), my fitness has dropped down my priority levels. Instead, I’ve had time to concentrate on other things I enjoy, my friends, my job, and buying a house. And nails.

SA v Eng Nails 2
South Africa v England Rugby World Cup nail art

As you can see from the pictures above, I normally do my own nail art. Which can take hours depending on how complicated the design, and how neat I want to be. I hadn’t tried nail wraps before, and honestly, hadn’t even considered them.

First up, they were really easy to apply. I didn’t have any of the branded kit you can buy, just a hairdryer, some cuticle clippers (any small scissors would work), and some tweezers. After cutting the wrap in half, I held it with the tweezers, heated it up with the hairdryer, applied it to my nail, pressed it down, and cut off the excess. Done. It was so fast.

Jamberry 1
The finished article

I really appreciated that it was instantly dry, and I could get on with my day without worrying about smudging my nails. I think it looks great too.

It’s been two weeks since application, and the wraps are going strong. I’ve changed my nail length, colour, changed two bike inner tubes (my other half is insanely puncture prone when out cycling), had multiple showers, washed my hair several times, been drunk, and the wrap is still on. No lifting, no curling, nothing.

Jamberry 2
As good as new

All of this has prompted me to have a look at the other jamberry designs, and wow, there are some beautiful ones in there. And at £15 for 18 wraps, (I used one for an accent nail on each hand), and two weeks (and counting) of wear, I will definitely be buying some.

Have you used jamberry nail wraps before? What’s your favourite design? I think Brooklyn Bridge is going to be my first purchase.