I have won my running club‘s ballot for the London marathon. And I am scared. Excited, exhilarated, (I need another “ex” word), exuberated(!) …………….and scared.

The moment my 30th year became a lot more challenging.
The moment my 30th year became a lot more challenging.

Earlier this year I attempted the Mallorca 70.3 IronMan, and failed. Ever since then, I have been determined to complete it next year. If I couldn’t manage it before my 30th birthday, I will manage whilst I’m still 30. The 2016 Mallorca 70.3 IronMan is on the 7th May 2016. The London Marathon aficionados amongst you will notice this is very close to the date of the London Marathon. I will have just under two weeks to recover from the London Marathon before attempting to complete the 70.3. That’s how to set yourself a “help I’m 30” challenge!

Just before I found out about my marathon place, I had completed three events in three weekends and was feeling pretty happy with myself. The Willow 10k, followed by the Oxford Half, and finishing with the Run Dorset 10k. All good fun, and I was getting less sore as the running went on. Then my marathon place was confirmed, and The Fear hit. It had taken me three weekends to run the marathon distance! I’m going to have to be much faster if I want that medal.

I am currently using the ZenLabs Fitness 26.2 app for my training plan. It is training me to run/walk the marathon in 4.5 hours. It’s pretty good so far, but I don’t think I am running fast enough when it wants me to run. I’m hoping as I carry on, I’ll get faster. Not being a natural or fast runner at all, I am aiming for 5 hours for London, but honestly only care about finishing. This challenge is not about the time.

My PT is also now aware that the challenge of getting me round the 70.3 has increased. He believes I’ll be fine to recover in two weeks. But I’ve only seen him twice so far, so he has time to realise he’s wrong.

I think the sacrifices required for this challenge are only just beginning to sink in.

Eat Sleep Drink

  • Sleep. I love my sleep, and can happily sleep for nine+ hours a night. However, with a minimum of nine hours at work, and a three hour commute every day, this only leaves me three hours for eating, getting ready, chores, and training. This is not going to be enough time. Sleep is going to have to be sacrificed if I want to complete my challenges.
  • Alcohol. I went out on Saturday night with my friends, got very drunk, got home late and spent all of Sunday lying on the sofa watching Harry Potter (thank you Sky Movies for the Harry Potter channel). This is going to have to change, I cannot afford to waste a whole day doing nothing, feeling sorry for myself. Surely I can cut down/not drink alcohol for the next 194 days? I will avoid the free booze on Friday, I will avoid the free booze on Friday, I will have one/two glasses……
  • Food. If I’m serious about this, I need to start eating properly. Realistically, I’d love to drop two stone of fat. This weighs me down when running, and makes cycling up mountains much harder than it has to be. The best way to do this is to eat properly. No more refined sugar, no more fatty foods, no more takeaways.

So there we have it, my challenge for the next 194 days. Wish me luck and willpower please. I’m going to need it.