Date: 18th January 2015

Location: Dorney Lake, Windsor

Weather: Sunny

Distance: 15km 10km

What a difference a week makes. I really enjoyed this run. Ok, I didn’t do the planned 15km, but I did do 10k instead, which is 5k more than I managed last week. My head felt so much better.

I jogged the first 5k in 34:35, I then swapped to a run/walk technique as I was very out of breath. The second 5k was run in 36:14. So my run/walk technique added 1:39 to my 5k pace, or just under 20 seconds per km. Not too shabby. I was walking for 50 right leg paces, then running for 100. The next set of running was 101 paces, increasing by 1 every time, so I was getting faster as I finished.

Both feet off the floor!
Both feet off the floor!

Hopefully I’ll be able to run the whole way at my run pace when walking and running. It’s much faster than my jogging pace.

The piece de resistance was the Galaxy hot chocolate with all the trimmings once we’d finished. There were marshmallows, whipped cream and a variety of flavoured syrups to make your ultimate hot choc. I went for a layer of marshmallows then whipped cream, I’d earned it after all.

Hot Chocolate Medal
New favourite medal.


I can’t do the other races in this series, wish I could as I really enjoyed the course. But if you’d like to make me jealous the link to the event is here.