Date: 11th January 2015

Location: Battersea Park, London

Weather: Sunny and CHILLY

Distance: 10km

Oh dear. I would not call this race a success. Having started my 70.3 training, and having already run two 5km’s in the week, I thought a 10km run would be pretty easy. I was wrong. This was really hard. I think I was running too fast, as usual.

I’ve also discovered I am really bad at lap races. Because if there’s an option of a shorter race, and I can take it mid-race, I will. That’s right everyone, I quit halfway and did the 5km race instead.

Disappointed in myself for not pushing through and doing the full 10km.

Still, I met @Frankieboy76 again, and a new twitter friend @ShettyKiran88 (Both of whom managed the full 10km, well done!) so the day wasn’t a total loss.

Posing with our medals.
Posing with our medals.