Date: 30th November 2014

Location: Hertfordshire Uni, Hatfield

Weather: Sunny and Chilly

Distance: 8km

A great race this morning. Felt so good to be running a distance that wasn’t going to destroy my legs for the week (Hello Stevenage Half, I’m talking to you).

I also got to meet a few friends from Facebook and Twitter. So much fun meeting virtual friends in real life.

The course was flat (my favourite) and it was fun to run on local roads. I decided to push myself as it was a relatively short distance, and I was close to home if I needed to get there. I had a goal of finishing in under an hour.

My finishing time (according to my Garmin) was 58:05. Hooray! Almost two whole minutes under my goal time. My first km was my fastest, as usual, but with an average pace of 07:12/km, I’m really pleased.

Race goodies included a medal and a water bottle. I liked that you were given the water bottle, full of water at the end of the race. No wastage of plastic bottles.

So, one more medal for the medal wall. Two more to try and get in 2014. Both cross country runs, bleurgh.