Date: 2nd November 2014

Location: Fairlands Valley Park, Stevenage

Weather: Rainy

Distance: 21km

Second Half Marathon of the season, and it was in no way easier.

I really wanted to be faster this time, but I haven’t done any running since my XCH10K event two weeks ago, and I wouldn’t want to say I trained for that particularly well. I ended up being two seconds slower. Two seconds! Two measly little seconds! 02:51:45.

I now have a new goal for my next half, beat that blinking time. By at least a minute.

As I live very close to Stevenage, it was a lot like running round my home town, the views and course weren’t very inspiring for me, but at one point, just over halfway through, I was actually enjoying myself. This was about the time a man power walked past me. I was running, and he walked past. This seems to happen fairly often, (the last time being in the Maldon Triathlon swim).

I couldn’t find my running belt in the morning, or my usual race snack of Go Gluco tabs, (I’m just so organised). This led to a last minute dash to a local petrol station to buy some Fruit Pastilles. Now, I have a problem with Fruit Pastilles. I was taking (taking? I’m fairly sure I mean eating) one at every mile marker. But there are only 12 in a pack. Luckily, a Marshall just before the mile 13 marker was handing out jelly babies, so I got to munch one of those instead.

Another issue with the Fruit Pastilles, their packaging is not waterproof, and it was pouring with rain. I would go so far as to say the rain was torrential. Running uphill meant you were running up through a mini river. I was keeping my sugary life savers in my sports bra due to my afore mentioned lack of race belt and they quickly became a papier mache sugary mush. Still good, but definitely mushy. And not particularly comfortable in my cleavage.

Although I didn’t have my race belt, I did have my running cap. I love my running cap, and it really came into its own today. I was running with my friend Jenna during the worst of the rain, and she was complaining about the rain in her face, no such issues for me and my cap. Then later when the sun came out, a bit, it was kept out of my face again. I won’t be doing any running without it.

So, what’s next. Today, in my post-race glow, I have signed up to a 10km, a 10 miler, a half marathon and a 20 miler. All these races for a woman who claims not to like running.

I think I might be lying.