Date: 5th October 2014

Location: Hatfield House, Hatfield

Weather: Sunny

Distance: 10km

My first official run since the half marathon. I don’t count the triathlon runs as they’re more shuffles than runs.

I met my friend from TriForce, Jenna, at the registration tent. She had completed the Berlin marathon the weekend before, and is an amazing triathlete. She’s currently training for her first full length triathlon next year. Just look at her medal wall (photo stolen from her twitter feed, follow her on @jennamarathon)

Highly impressive
Highly impressive

This gave me a new aim for the race, keep up with Jenna.

I think it was about the 3km mark I waved goodbye as she effortlessly ran up the hill. I’m not a hill person. Really need to work on that.

However, from 5km onwards, the route became flat and ever so slightly downhill. I actually managed to run (with a brief walk for the water station) for the rest of the way. Very happy with that.

During the last km of the race, the marshalls were urging us all on saying “just the hill to go”. Oh good, I love hills. We’d run down the approach to Hatfield House on our way out, so I knew what I was in for.

I'm in there somewhere, running down the hill.
I’m in there somewhere, running down the hill.

It actually wasn’t as bad as I was dreading. I didn’t manage to catch the woman in front, but I did manage to keep plodding up, looking like I was running, even if my pace didn’t warrant that description.

I crossed the line in 01:17:44 (watch time, official time has me 1 minute slower, but getting to the start line took a while!)

No PB’s broken, but I had a great time. And, thanks to chatting to people afterwards, I am now the proud owner of a Hatfield House card and fob. This means I can use the gardens for free, during daylight hours, even when they’re shut to the public. Suddenly being a local and living in the “carnival of misery” doesn’t seem so bad.

My new, traffic free, running track.
My new, traffic free, running track.