My beautiful Trek Lexa SL, stolen from my car after 14 months.
My beautiful Trek Lexa SL, stolen from my car after just 14 months together.

Bit of a hiatus for me, both from fitness and the blog. My bike got stolen a few weeks ago, and this really knocked me. It also meant I couldn’t do my standard length triathlon at Maldon. I did still go and do the swim though, 1.5km in the salty river. This was fun, but I really wanted to do the rest of it.

I'm the furthest purple hat.
I’m the furthest purple hat.

One of the joys of the Maldon swim, is of course, the tide. This swim took me 41:32, and I’m fairly certain the last ten minutes would have only taken me five if the tide hadn’t turned. I think this is illustrated best in the photo above. The man on the far right of the photo is walking. Myself and another man are racing to the yellow past which identifies the finish. The walking man manages to catch us up, and walk past us, informing the two of us it would probably be faster if we walked! It was a surreal moment for me, swimming as hard as I can to beat the man next to me, as someone else walks past. Learnt my lesson there: Walk when against the tide.