Update. I have entered the IronMan 70.3 Mallorca race. This one is actually on the weekend of my birthday. 

Some news appeared on my twitter feed last night, Ironman has acquired the Barcelona long distance triathlons, (I didn’t know there were some there, but I do now!).

Barcelona is a gorgeous city, I’ve had some great holidays there, and I think it could be the site of my first attempt at the half ironman distance, (next year, I’m not ready to enter for next month, especially as I’ll be in NYC on the 18th May). It’s cheap to travel to, and I may even be able to persuade my friends and family to come along as it’ll be around my 30th birthday.

The Distance

70.3 miles or 113km. That’s a long way. This is broken down into:

1.2 mile (1.9km) swim

56 mile (90km) bike

13.1 mile (21km) run

Hmmmm. I can do a 1.9km swim. We do more than that in training on Mondays, and I am not worried about this aspect. I find I can get into the zone when swimming and just go.

A 90km bike ride should be doable. I’m doing a 100km ride at the end of May, so will see how that goes.

The half marathon could be a problem. I am really not a runner. But I am trying. Managed to run to work this morning (just over four miles) and took nine minutes off my time from when I tried it a few weeks ago. Actually felt like I was running too, not just jogging. I will have to enter another half towards the end of the year, to see how I go.

And of course, it’s all very well being able to do these distances in isolation, but I need to be able to put them together. Into one long race.


Whilst my main aim of this race will be to finish, there’s no denying that I will want to finish well. And to me, this means fairly quickly and not ending up on a drip.

I’ve found an article on how long it takes on average to complete a half ironman. According to this, taking the average swim, bike and run times for a woman in the 30-34 age bracket (bye 25-29 age bracket, I will miss you), I should complete in a total of six hours and six minutes. A 41min swim, a 3hr13 bike and a 2hr12 run.

Regular readers will know it took me around 2hr50 to complete a half marathon just a few short weeks ago. On fresh legs, with no swimming or cycling having occurred. I need to knock 38 minutes off my half marathon time, when I have tired legs. It’s a challenge!

This will most definitely be a challenge, but it’s one I’m up for! Just need to make sure I register before it sells out!