Wow! Just wow!

That was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I was not prepared for that at all.

It all started out pretty well, my friends were much faster than me, but that was ok, they just hung back to wait for me every now and then. The weather was lovely, and I didn’t feel like I had to stop.

Then I got to the seven mile mark…… I was tired, my feet hurt a lot, my friends had run off (with my blessing, I was just holding them back), and I was at the start of the second loop. My car was calling to me, very loudly. I’m ashamed to say the temptation to stop and just give up, won. I stopped running, told the marshalls I was quitting, turned my phone tracker off, and started walking back.

I passed several people still going on my way back, making comments like “oh, have you finished? Don’t give up now!”, “You inspired me up that hill, thank you”. I was defeated, but as I went to take my race number off, my brain kicked back in, berating me for being a quitter. I didn’t hurt that much, how could I give up now? Think of the medal at the end.

I turned round and started running again. I was now determined to finish, and I’m pleased to say I did. It wasn’t fast, 2hrs52, and it wasn’t pretty (there’s a photo below of the blood blister on my foot, definitely not pretty), but I did it!


Two days later my muscles are still sore, and I have little burns under my arms where my top rubbed (I didn’t even know that could happen!), but I am very happy. I’m not sure I’ll be signing up to another half marathon just yet, but with some more training, I’m not ruling it out.

Next challenge: 10k run on the 5th April 2014.