I have had an anonymous twitter account for about a year now. Anonymous, not because I’m ashamed of my quest for fitness, but because it’s nice to have somewhere to blow off steam, or have a rant about a colleague not understanding, or share how disappointed I am I ate cake, or just tell people who care that I went for my longest run ever.

In that time I have completed several sprint distance triathlons, lost about a stone, gained it back again (damn you Christmas!) and cycled from Manchester to Birmingham in a day.

Here’s my weight and measurements to date:

(I’m a statistician and an accountant, I love a graph!)

Weight Graph

So, I am currently the heaviest I’ve been since I started this journey almost a year ago. But this is not the full story…..

Inches Lost and Gained

So, despite being at my highest weight, my waist and hips are smaller than they were. Not the smallest they’ve ever been, (Oh, September, I miss you), but smaller than May last year!

I suppose this is a good time to remind myself of this wonderful picture: